Worst Mistakes to Make With Your Rug

For many Oriental rug owners, their rug is an important part of the aesthetic of their home. It adds color, complements the interior design, and even provides some elegance. It’s likely that you spent a decent amount of money on your rug, so it’s obvious that you want to keep it in top condition for […]

Advantages of Professional Cleaning

In order to enhance the lifespan of your oriental rug, routine professional cleaning is highly recommended. We understand that you may have some rug cleaner solution at home, and this works for minor cleaning jobs but pales in comparison to having it cleaned by the professionals. Aside from having the rug thoroughly cleaned, there many […]

Cleaning Your Rug Yourself Vs Hiring the Professionals

You spent the time measuring the area you’d like to place your oriental rug, played in your imagination with different color schemes and designs that would best fit the decor of your home, and went out shopping through hundreds of rugs, and you’ve done it. You’ve found the perfect rug! After getting it into your […]