For more than 139 years, Fred Remmers Rug Cleaners has been serving our customers throughout the United States with a quality Rug Repair they can count on from the moment they call us. We work with more than 1,300 Oriental rug dealers across the country, and are able to bring you the experience, professionalism, and attention to detail that every rug restoration deserves. Whether you are a private Oriental rug owner, or you are a dealer who wants to make sure your rugs are in perfect condition for your customers, we have the know-how and expertise to repair your rug flawlessly.

Your Oriental rug is an investment. While they are intricately beautiful and often handmade, these rugs can be delicate and prone to wear and tear if they are not properly maintained. By getting experienced rug repair as soon as you notice a problem, you can prevent serious problems while helping your rug to stay brilliant and beautiful for years to come.

Rug ReweavingLearn More

Rug Reweaving is a blanket category of area rug repair that includes sub-services such as rug moth damage repair, rug selvedge repair, rug patching, hole in rug repair, rips, tears, frayed corners, re-dyeing of color, stretching, rug fire damage, pile unraveling repair and more. All these services involve a trained area rug repair expert sewing back portions of the rug together by hand with new fabric either to restore to the rug to its original condition or to prevent further damage from happening.

Rug Binding & SergingLearn More

Professionally serging a rug involves continuously wrapping the edge of the rug with yarn. This is similar to a traditional whip stitch, except the yarn on the edge is very close together and done by hand. The width of the serging is about 3/8” and the yarn is chosen to match the rug.

Rug Overcasting & StitchingLearn More

Overcasting is definitely the technique you want to use on a hand-woven rug. An overcast stitch is used to sew the non-fringe edges of the rug to secure them. In this process, upholstery thread is hand woven in and around the warps and wefts to make a long-lasting bond. Oriental Rug Hand Stitching​ There are several things to know about overcasting in order to do it right. First of all, the stitch should be as close to the last weft along the edge as possible. Overcasting is a type of rug repair that should be done if the fringe is broken and knots are coming off. It can also be a preventative measure to prevent the tearing and unraveling.

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When the pile of the rug wears (to perhaps half its original thickness or less), the end of the knot in the warp becomes visible as a white tuft on the face of the rug. Sometimes the pile of the rug has worn so low that even the ends of the warp knots have worn away, and the actual knot in the cotton warp is exposed.

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The most economic way to repair a hole on oriental rugs is by patching it. In this case our rug experts will find a patch from another rug and we try to match it as close as possible. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or if you’d like to get started! You can also view all of our other rug repair services, including our rug reweaving repairs. Count on Fred Remmers for all of your rug repair and rug cleaning needs.

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Our repair services include:

  • Complete restorations
  • Antique rug repair
  • Tapestry repair
  • Hole patching
  • Color restoration
  • Design restoration
  • Binding repair
  • Stain removal
  • Spot removal
  • Fringe repair
  • Mildew treatment
  • Fringe repair, cutting, or adding
  • Custom-fitted padding
  • Corner repair
  • Rug reweaving
  • Rip repair
  • Slit repair
  • Pet damage repair
  • Carpet blocking
  • Moth proofing
  • Color bleeding repair
  • Water damage restoration
  • Touch-up dying
  • And more

When it comes to your Oriental rug, tapestry, or antique rug repair, nobody does it better than Fred Remmers. Whether your rug has been damaged by sun, water, pets, chemicals, spills, or just normal wear and tear, we can help fix it at a competitive price. We are dedicated to our craft and passionate about what we do, which makes our workmanship second to none

In the case of a rectangular rug, the blocking procedure means that we attach the rug to our blocking board with the rug’s edges straightened and the corners at perfect right angles. The rug is kept in the blocked position for 4 days to achieve the best result.Here at Fred Remmers, rugs are blocked with their pile sides facing down, which allows us to apply natural starch to the backs of the rugs during the stretching and shaping process. Starch helps blocked rugs maintain their newly restored shapes after coming off the board.

We take the extra time needed to really understand your rug so we can treat it with the attention it deserves. By fully examining the rug before we work on it, we are able to see it’s unique qualities and all of the work that needs to be done in order to restore it to its former glory. Any simple repairs can be finished by our experts in a day, and our technicians will let you know the extent of the damage and how long it may take us to repair upfront.