Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

Because every oriental rug is unique, they will each require something different from our experts. However, our process generally includes the following.


Every single rug that comes to us goes through a pre-treatment process. This process includes a seven-tiered inspection which will help us determine the type of rug, the condition it is in, and any risk factors it may possess. The purpose of this inspection is to figure out which cleaning process will give you the best results and will be safest for the unique rug. The assessment includes inspecting the rug for:

  1. It’s condition, which may require a special treatment.
  2. Any wear and tear, which will require area support during the treatment process.
  3. Color instability, which will mean we need to stabilize the color before cleaning.
  4. Urine stains, which can be cleaned through our enzyme treatment.
  5. Discoloration, which can be restored by our experts.
  6. Color bleeding, which is a sign the rug was improperly cleaned before, and can be treated by our experts.
  7. Any other stains, which are carefully assessed in order to find an effective treatment option.


Almost 70 percent of effective oriental rug cleaning comes down to removing the dust that has been trapped in its fibers. At Fred Remmers, we have innovative equipment and traditional techniques which, combined, allow us to remove all of the dust from your rug. The effect of this stage in our cleaning is a rug that is fresh, open, and almost like-new.


One of the most effective ways to remove stains and odors is our soaking process. Because of this, we take extra care to soak our rugs overnight, effectively lifting out any pet stains, pet odors, other liquid stains, and dirt, before we shampoo them.

Rug Cleaning

The actual rug cleaning process includes washing the rug on both sides with special shampoos, which are designed to gently remove any dirt or odors that have been embedded in your rug over time. After shampooing, we carefully rinse the detergent off the rug, ensuring that every sud is washed away.

Luster Washing

For certain rugs, we will encourage our clients to luster wash their rugs, which will make the color more vibrant and the rug brighter.


After washing and rinsing the rug, we use special grooming tools to brush the nap of the rug and bring back its form and make it lush again.


After this entire process is finished, we dry the rugs in our specially designed, climate controlled room. The drying time for average sized rugs is around six hours.

Dry Cleaning

There are some rugs that require a more delicate touch, and should not be cleaned with shampoo and water like a normal oriental rug. Our dry cleaning process is particularly helpful for silk and skin leather rugs, which require gentle, detailed attention.

Final Inspection

We pride ourselves on our standards, and will never let a rug go back to its owner that doesn’t live up to our expectations. Our final inspections of the rugs are thorough, detail-oriented, and never compromising, so we know you are getting a rug back that you are proud of.

Our first and final goal is your satisfaction, which is why we are Memphis’ first choice for rug cleaning. Contact us today!

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