We all make mistakes from time to time. It’s part of being human. And no matter how much you care for your oriental rug and how diligent you are to keep it in its best condition, there is a chance that you’ll mess up once or twice. We want to help prevent that. In this blog post, we will discuss a few of the most common mistakes that rug owners make when they attempt to clean their rug at home. To truly avoid making one of these mistakes, your best bet is to trust the professionals. Fred Remmers Rug Cleaners provides rug cleaning services to the city of Memphis and the surrounding areas, and have been since 1881. If your rug is in need of a cleaning, then be sure to contact us today or book your appointment online now!


We know that it can be tempting to scrub away at your carpet to get it clean, but you are actually doing more harm than good. Scrubbing can tear the fibers of your rug, and when this happens, the stains are able to get even deeper into the rug. 

Not Testing Out the Cleaning Product

This is a big mistake that is pretty common among rug owners. There are a variety of cleaning solutions out there meant for different types of rugs and cleaning needs. There is a chance that the cleaning product that you have is not meant for your rug and can cause bleaching or color fading. So, before you cover your entire rug with the product, put some of the cleaner on a small, hidden spot of the rug. Give it some time to dry and see if there is any change in the appearance of your rug. This will help you to prevent this massive mistake.

All-Purpose Cleaners

All-purpose cleaners are great for hard surfaces but incredibly damaging to rugs and carpets. They contain very abrasive chemicals that are certain to harm the fabric of your rug. So if you must use an all-purpose cleaner, be sure to follow the previous tip and test it out on a small, unseen part of the rug.

Too Long Between Cleanings

In order to keep your rug in its best condition, routine rug cleanings are a must. Even if you can’t see any dirt or debris, it’s likely that there is some in the rug’s fibers and backing. This damages the rug. This is all easily avoidable through keeping up with your rug cleanings.

Not Trusting the Professionals

When your rug is in need of cleaning, you want the professionals to handle it. Here at Fred Remmers, we have provided rug cleaning services for the city of Memphis since 1881. You can say that we know rug cleaning better than anyone. If your rug is starting to look a little bit dirty, requires repair, or has a stain, then you can count on us. Contact us today if you have any questions or simply book your appointment online now!

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